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The village of Zennor lies on a particularly awe-inspiring part of the coast between St. Ives and St. Just. It is a very old granite built settlement and is a parish with a church dating back to the 15th century. It has a great little old pub, the ‘Tinners Arms’, a very interesting little ‘Wayside’ museum and a backpacker’s hostel, which was once a chapel but very neatly converted. It is also a village with myths and tales attached such as ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’. A carving of which is on a bench-end in the church.

The first thing to do after visiting the village is to walk out to Zennor Head, a truly wild and beautiful place with tremendous views, beautiful sunsets, and mighty seas. Walk down the lane behind the pub, past the farm and continue to the end to the coastguard cottage. Here take a path straight ahead which will connect with the South West Coast Path at a granite stile. Go straight ahead and shortly you will see the head. If you continue, there is a fine circular walk from here, along the cliffs as far as River Cove, inland past Treveal and Wicca and across the fields on a footpath back to Zennor. Along this walk  you will observe Seals, on the way you pass The Carracks rocks otherwise known as 
'Seal Island', which is a favourite spot for these wonderful creatures. Sometimes you can even see the pups. There are also boat trips running from St. Ives to this island so you can take a closer look.

The other little walk which is highly recommended, is that to Zennor Quoit, up on Zennor Hill behind the village. This is the site of an ancient tomb, unfortunately partially destroyed, but nevertheless worth the visit to view the boulders and the surrounding countryside. Leave the village and at the main road, turn left and follow the road up and around until you reach a house on your left on the highest point of the road. This is aptly called 'Eagles Nest'. Go past and then, immediately on your right there is a path leading up to the Quoit.







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