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Complete Web Design Package


Do you need a website? The question we ask is "Do you advertise your business in the newspaper?" If so, you really should have your own website. The cost of a small ad in the local rag for one issue is about 50, it has a limited local audience and is discarded when read. Your website is there for all the world to see at any time of day or night for as long as you want it there.


For less than the cost of a months adverts, we can (via our sister company Site-Masters) offer a 5-6 page,  easy to navigate website containing your information. The cost is approximately 150 for 2 years.



What you get.


Design and  Production. Site-Masters will design a search engine friendly website of up to 6 pages which is sufficient for most needs. It can include images, photos, text and an e-mail enquiry form. The site will NOT be active on the Web until YOU are happy with it!


Domain name registration. You pick your own site name ie ( or for 2 years. Other TLD's ie .com .tv .info etc are available at extra cost) and if available we register it in your name.


E-Mails. If you use our preferred hosting company, you have unlimited e-mail addresses. You can use the address of plus any number of other prefixes. (Up to 5 will be registered for you, after that your on your own but guidance will be given if needed)


Hosting. Unless you have your own server and are connected to the internet permanently you need someone to "Serve" you website to the net. Site-Masters arrange hosting within this budget.


Site submission. Its no good having a website if no-one can find it!. We submit your site to all the major search engines and keep submitting until we get results!


Maintenance. For the first 2 years your site will be monitored and checked regularly for faults and connectivity to ensure it's smooth running and functionality.


It just gets better!!! After the initial 2 year period has expired, the cost of the site actually reduces. Obviously there is no design cost involved so you only have to pay for the renewal of the domain name (currently 20 for 2 years). A reliable free hosting company is used in order to keep costs down but certain criteria MUST be adhered to within their terms and conditions.


Up Dates and Revamps. Minor changes to the site due to errors or inaccuracies will be dealt with free, however, the right to charge is retained should these changes be considered excessive. A total revamp of the site will be by negotiation.


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