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  • Water

  • 8oz Hops

  • 4lb Brown Sugar

  • 8oz Ground Ginger

  • 4oz Raisins

  • 1oz Salt





Swanky was always made by the Cornish about 6 weeks before Xmas and was ready for drinking only when the cork was forced out of the bottle

Boil five gallons of water and add 8 oz hops, 4 lb brown sugar, 8 oz ground ginger, 4 oz raisins and an ounce of salt.

Boil for 45 minutes, then empty into a vessel and let stand until nearly cold. Then add two tablespoons of fresh yeast and allow to stand for 15-18 hours. Strain off the liquor and allow it to stand for at least 24 hours before bottling, making sure the bottles are clean and dry. Into each bottle put one fresh raisin (to prime the swanky) - then fill and cork, making sure that each cork is securely tied down.


Swanky is a great "worker" so leave enough room for its head to form. It is ready for drinking when the head is about to force the cork out of the bottle.





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