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Kettle (Kiddly) Broth


This is the closest we can get to basic Cornish peasant food, probably eaten in some form for hundreds of years.



  • 3 Onions

  • 1 3/4oz Dripping

  • Pepper and Salt

  • 1 quart of Water or Stock

  • Stale Bread

  • 1 Rasher of Bacon (or several rinds)


Peel and cut up the onions and simmer in the water with the bacon and dripping for about an hour. Sieve the soup and pour on to the stale bread, cut into cubes. Season well and eat very hot.

There are many versions of this “recipe” but it always starts off with the basic onion broth and bread chunks. Each family would then add their own touches of seasoning and herbs.







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