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Heavy Cake



  • 8oz Flour

  • Pinch of Salt (optinal)

  • 2oz Lard

  • 3oz Sugar

  • 6oz Currents

  • 2 - 3tbsps Milk

  • 2oz Butter



(Apparently so called because men would shout "heave" with each pull when hauling in the fishing nets on arrival at the village/port and when the wives heard this they knew the men would be home for tea soon)



Rub lard into flour. Add sugar and currants. Mix in to a dough ball.

Using a floured board, roll out to a long strip about 6 ins wide and 3 times as long. Dot half butter over the top two-thirds of the pastry. Fold the bottom third, without fat, upwards. Then fold the top third down over it. Give the pastry a half-turn so that folds are at sides. Roll out again into a thin strip and spread the rest of the butter as before, repeating the folding in the same way.

Glaze with milk and bake above the middle of a moderately hot oven 200'C for about 25-30 minutes. Important to eat fresh.





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