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Aunt Elly's Nog



  • 6 Eggs, Separated (Separated whilst cold, then let whites warm to room temp)

  • 3/4 Cup of Sugar

  • 1 quart whole Milk

  • 1 tbsps Vanilla

  • 1 pint Whipping Cream (chill the bowl and beaters)





Beat whites until foamy. Gradually add sugar and beat until whites hold soft, shiny peaks. Scoop out into your largest nog bowl. Whip cream until stiff (the cream, not your arm) and add to the whites in the large bowl. You may whip the cream in the same mixing bowl as the whites without having to wash the bowl first. (I usually add a bit of sugar to the cream, to taste). Beat yolks until thick and lemon coloured. Gradually add milk and vanilla (and I add a bit of sugar to this too, to taste - OK, I have a sweet tooth). You may add more milk than the quart if you add some sugar to preserve the sweetness.


Pour into nog bowl and spoon mixture gently together. Add a dusting of Nutmeg and enjoy. A few glugs of rum or brandy make it taste good too.





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