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Cornish Spiced Mead - Medhyglynn Kernewek



Makes approx 1 gallon

  • 3lbs Honey

  • 2oz Root Ginger

  • 3 tsps Citric Acid

  • 1 tbsp Stewed Tea

  • A good Mead Yeast

  • Yeast Nutrient

  • Cold Water





As is usual for all brewing - make sure all your equipment is thoroughly sterilized.


First of all, you have to put the honey into a large saucepan with around 4 pints of the water, and bring it up to boiling point, but don't let it go into a rolling boil. Simmer it, and you'll notice scum from the honey rising to the surface, which you have to skim off. Keep skimming until no more scum is rising, and turn off the heat. Allow to cool. Pour into a 1 gallon demijohn, add the citric acid and tea. Cut up and bruise the ginger, put it into a muslin bag and squeeze it into the demijohn with a string attached to it for retrieval later on.


Add the water up to about 3/4 of the demijohn, add the yeast and nutrient when the temperature is around 20 deg. Celsius. Fit an airlock to the demijohn. Ferment it out in a warm place for around 6-9 days, topping up with water up to the gallon mark after 2 days.


Syphon the liquid off of the sediment into a clean demijohn, add a crushed Campden Tablet to kill the yeast, and put it into a cold place for a few weeks to settle until it's as clear as a bell. You could also add wine finings if you want. When it is clear, bottle it. It's better if you can manage to leave it for 6 months, and keeps improving up to around 3 years. It never lasts that long though!





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