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Clotted Cream



Recipe 1


(1 gallon of rich, creamy milk makes 1lb clotted cream.) Put fresh milk in a shallow bowl and leave at room temperature (55oF) for 12 to 24 hours until cream rises to top.

Stand bowl over a pan of boiling water till a crust forms on top of milk. Do not let water touch bowl (this takes about 1 hour).

Leave bowl in cool place till next day.

Skim off thick creamy top. Underneath the scalded mild is what we would call skimmed milk and can be used in sauces, soups and puddings, etc.



Recipe 2


Cornish Cream - or the inferior 'Devon' variety :- can be made as follows.

Choose a wide, shallow earthenware pan. Strain very fresh whole milk into this and leave to stand, overnight if summertime or for 24 hours in cold weather. Then slowly, and without simmering, raise the temperature of the milk over a low heat until a solid ring starts to form around the edge. Without shaking the pan, very carefully remove it from the heat and leave overnight, or a little longer, in a cool place. The thick crust of cream can then be skimmed off the surface with a large spoon or similar - thus the description 'clotted'. Clotted cream contains far more fat than virtually all other types of cream - approx 55% fat (two thirds of which is saturated)





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