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If you don't have your own site, we can help there too! We can offer a full page advert on the Cornish Links web site for only 65.00 a year, all you have to do is fill a very short form below.


We will contact you to obtain any additional information. You can enter anything you wish on your page (subject to certain exclusions!)  photographs, text, links to other sites, and E-Mail links.


The benefits of having a whole page advert include,

  • A full one page advert for your business, with text and imagery.

  • External links to other websites and information sources as well as email links.

  • Up to 5 separate images of your business plus your companies logo.

  • Web site address you can point all your customers to, new and old.

As well as all of the above, your business will also be upgraded to Gold Advertising status with in Cornish Links, and have all the additional benefits of that grade of advertising.


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