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Newlyn is primarily a fishing port and a large and important one, with over 40 acres of harbour able to take in boats at any stage of the tide. Fish brought in here are transported by the ton to the continent, especially to Spain and Portugal where there is a great appetite for sea food. It is one of the ports sacked and torched by the Spanish in the 16th century, then rebuilt. Very little of the old Newlyn remains today. There is hotel and other accommodation and some recreational waterfront space that connects to Penzance. The town is also an important centre of fine art in Cornwall and has several galleries, including the famous Newlyn Art Gallery. This is not a town for shopping in the general sense, however, as there are none of the usual high street stores.

Situated next to Newlyn Green recreational area on the sea front is the Passmore Edwards Art Gallery, otherwise known as Newlyn Art Gallery. It was built in 1895 to display the works of artists who became known as the Newlyn School and some of whose number included Stanhope Forbes, Harold Harvey, Lamorna Birch, Augustus John and Dame Laura Knight. Today the gallery has a society whose members produce much more modern work and it is still in the avant guard having exhibitions by artists from far afield.

The Strand photograph gallery is in a little turning off the street of that name opposite the fish market. Next door is the Helen Fyler gallery.






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