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The spire of Towednack Church

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12 July 2010

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Towednack church, not far from St Ives, has a very low tower, almost squashed. The story goes that it was the devil himself was who prevented the tower being taller. Apparently after each day's work by the medieval stonemasons, the devil would came in the night and removed the stones that they had added that day. In the end they gave up the struggle, and capped off the tower at the low height you can see today.

Another, unrelated tradition at Towednack is the annual Cuckoo Feast held on the nearest Sunday to the  April 28th. It all goes back hundreds of years to a man putting a log on his fire, and out flew a cuckoo from a hole in the log. He caught and kept the bird, and apparently resolved to commemorate the event with a cuckoo feast each year. Traditionally the Cuckoo must be heard before it is held.


Towednack church



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