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Sir John Arundell (IV)




Sir John Arundell (IV) of Trerice, Cornwall, nicknamed "Tilbury Jack" (or Jack of Tilbury), was a commander of the Royal Navy during the reigns of Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI and served twice as Sheriff of Cornwall.


He was the eldest son and heir of Sir John III Arundell (1470-1512) of Trerice and his wife Jane Grenville (14741551), a daughter of Sir Thomas Grenville (d.1513) KB, lord of the manors of Bideford in Devon and of Stowe in the parish of Kilkhampton in Cornwall, he Sheriff of Cornwall in 1481 and in 1486 and an Esquire of the Body to King Henry VII.

Sir John Arundell (IV) was an Esquire of the Body to King Henry VIII, and was knighted at the Battle of the Spurs in 1513. In 1523 he achieved notability by the capture of a notorious pirate. Under King Edward VI he was Vice-Admiral of the West and served twice as Sheriff of Cornwall, in 1542 and in 1553 at the time of the accession of Queen Mary.


He  died in 1561 and was buried at Newlyn East. His monumental brass survives in St Andrew's Church, Stratton, near Bude Cornwall. In 1882 the monument was situated at the east end of the north aisle of the church, and formed of a chest tomb on top of which was a slab of stone inlaid with several brasses with some of the brasses missing. He is shown dressed in full armour with helmet. Today only the slab with the brasses survives, and there are further brasses missing, and it now stands against the west wall of the church. The inscription on the ledger line of the slab is as follows:

"Here lyeth buriede Syr John Arundell Trerise, Knyght, who praysed be God dyed in the Lorde the xxv daye of November in the yeare of Oure Lorde God a MCCCCC lxi and in the iiixx and vii yeare of his age whose soule now resteth wyth the Faythfull Chrystians in our Lorde"

The date of death inscribed on his monument (25 November 1561) disagrees with that reported in his Inquisition post mortem, namely 26 November 1560, which latter appears to be correct as probate of his will was granted to his widow Juliana on 23 January 1560/1.





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