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Bishop Jonathan Trelawney

The hero of the Cornwall's National Anthem - Song of the Western Men. Born at Pelynt The Duke of Monmouth's failed rebellion against James II in 1688, led to seven bishops being imprisoned in the Tower of London. The were put on trial for their lives as they refused to sign a document bringing back Roman Catholicism as the state religion. They said they were loyal to the king, but their consciences would not let them sign. The seven bishops were tried, acquitted and freed. Trelawney became Bishop of Exeter on the accession of William of Orange to the throne, and died in 1721 as Bishop of Winchester.  When he died in 1721 his body was brought back to Pelynt for burial.

A song was written a century later, and was not contemporaneous. It was composed by Parson Hawker, Vicar of Morwenstow.

For more information regarding the Trelawney family, and to see a copy of the song please visit the history page Trelawney Family - Click Here





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