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Copy of letter sent to the Mayors and Corporations of the four Stannary


The Mayor & Corporation,

Greetings, CORNWALL. Re:- Convocation of Cornwall or Stannary Parliament.

Mr. Mayor Sir,

Following upon correspondence between the Stannary Parliament and the Home Office, a letter dated 11th December, 1974, has been received from the Home Secretary stating as follows:-

The method of election prescribed by the Charter of Pardon, 1508, was selection by the Mayor & Council of each of the Boroughs of Truro, Lostwithiel, Launceston, and Helston-in-Kerrier"

The present Stannary Parliament was approved and elected by the representatives of the Mining Industry, following the failure to obtain the necessary approval mentioned in the Home Office letter quoted above. As the Home Office requires this to be carried out correctly, and we quote further :

"It appears from your letter of 11th November, 1974, that you and your colleagues could not have been chosen in this way, and the Home Secretary regrets that it is not possible therefore, to regard you as validly constituting the Stannary Parliament;" we append herewith the names of the Stannators elected by the Miners, as mentioned above, for your, Stannary District, for the ratification, as required above by the Home Secretary, as Commanded by Her Majesty.

We believe it is our duty to inform you that in veiw of the fact that the Home Office are aware of the validity of the Charter of Pardon, this creates a very serious political situation, inasmuch that you are no doubt aware, said Charter provides that all Acts, Statutes and Provisions of the Westminster Parliament must be Assented to by the Stannary Parliament (Convocation) before they can become Law in Cornwall. Consequently, as Stannary Parliament (Convocation) has not sat since 1752/3, none of the enactments of Westminster are valid in Cornwall from that date.

For obvious reasons this should not be made public knowledge at this time; and therefore, because of these implications, we earnestly urge you to pay prompt attention to the ratification requested, in order that a position of political anarchy be forestalled.

The Stannators names being :-

(As per Stannary Districts) Yours faithfully,


Stannary Parliament of Cornwall
19th Day of December,1974





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