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The Legend of Dorcas

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16 June 2010

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Dorcas was an old lady who lived in a cottage near Polbreen Mine at the foot of St. Agnes Beacon. One night she committed suicide by throwing herself down a deep shaft at Polbreen, thereafter known as Darkey's ( DORCAS ) Shaft. Her body was recovered and buried but her spirit lived on in the mine, usually causing mischief by distracting the men from their work. One man was called away by the voice and no sooner had he left his work station than a huge rock fall landed on the very place where he had stood.

In the garden of The Railway Inn Hotel in St. Agnes stands a shaft from the mine from which, on occasion, the ghost of a witch is said to emerge, enter the inn and move a picture on the wall. Could this be the ghost of Dorcas herself?





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