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The Dentures of Doom

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25 May 2010

Cornish Legends


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One cold winter evening many years ago a poor woman was searching for sticks to light a fire. It was a harsh winter, the snow was falling and the poor soul badly needed to warm her cold old bones. Her search led her through the churchyard at Perranzabuloe, Nr. Perranporth, where she noticed a curious object protruding from the earth on a grave and paused to examine it more closely. Imagine her delight when she discovered it to be a set of perfectly serviceable false teeth!

Reasoning (incorrectly) that they were of no further use to their previous owner she triumphantly pocketed her find and hurried home, intent on trying her latest acquisition for size. To her delight they were an adequate fit, and, pleased with herself she retired to bed, depositing her "new" teeth in a jar by her bedside. That night she was awoken by a scratching on her window. She sat bolt upright in bed and listened. The scratching came again - followed, to her horror, by a ghastly voice which could be heard croaking beneath her window...."Give me back my teeth!" Panic stricken she flung the teeth out of the window, not daring to look in the direction of her tormentor's voice. It ceased abruptly and she slept little for the rest of the night.

The morning light brought her courage and she ventured outside into the snow. It lay thickly spread beneath her window, but search though she might there was no sign of the teeth.. Nor were there any footprints in the snow.





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